Too bad holidays and festive days and things like that mean nothing to
us. Haha I don’t even remember what day it is half the time. It’s
either sunday, p-day, or during the week. Sounds like things at home
are alright! Keep it up gang! It’s weird to hear about normal life
haha, it’s so different out here. Investigators wise, D—– has
disappeared. Seeing as how she lives across the street from us it
means she heard something like a dumb rumor and got scared off. We’ll
have to stay persistent until we hear what the problem is from her own
face. L—-, yep, the same. Gone. Won’t answer calls, won’t return
calls, won’t call, never home, nothing. Even from her good friend.
It’s insane. I’ve been here for like 3 or 4 weeks now, and i’m in the
most populated hispanic area in the mish, yet i’m not teaching. I feel
like i’m doing something wrong. Every day goes by so quickly or slowly
or impossibly that the whole week goes by and I never had time to
think about anything all week! It’s insane. The only other
person/people are M—- and J—- and M—. M—- is this older lady
we knocked into and set up an appointment. Came back, had a legit
first lesson, everything went well. She’s supposed to read and pray
and we’re calling tomorrow to set something up. J—- and M—,
haven’t taught ’em yet but they seem super nice and so we’re going to
strain it for all it’s worth. Those people are the important ones
right now but other than that, please just pray that we can find
somebody. I really want my kid to see success. Speaking of which,
Elder Meza and I set Norfolk up for success for months.

A—- and U——, remember them? have come to church and have been
taught again. Evidently she heard that we worship Joseph Smith so she
peaced out. She’s back on the radar. Pray that she progresses.

A—- also has been to church and been taught, she is expected to be
set for baptism this week.

C—-‘s wife is doing very well. He has promised God to join the church.

V——-, didn’t tell you about her. I spotted her and talked to her a
couple days before I left, he’s been teaching her and she always asks
where Ragsdale is 🙂 She’s close to being set for baptism.

R— is set for baptism this saturday.

Can you believe it?!?! I feel like I fulfilled my purpose there in
Norfolk and the fruits are still showing.

Perhaps soemday it will be the same here.

One cool story before I gotta go: The other day I was like 30 feet in
the air with a chain saw, on a broken tree, cutting off humongous
branches. It was INSANE! I wish we would have gotten a picture, but
didn’t have the camera. I was up in this HUGE tree like 30-35 feet
above the ground, for like 4 hours. One of the parts of the tree was
like a foot in diameter. HUGE! But i’m safe and sound so don’t worry
:)Love you guys! I know this church is true. Things are hard
now…just like they were before I left, but afterward i became so
strong. I want to be even stronger so i will persevere! This gospel is
true and it’s perfect. Wow I have a testimony of the apostasy. Just go
talk to some catholic or testigo de jehova o algo. Insane. Love you!

Elder Ragsdale

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