It seems that we always have to go through the wilderness to get to
the promised land, and i believe part of the calm after the storm has
settled. Things this week were better. We had a couple miracles. We
found D—–, and everything is just fine. She was working a lot and
was in Iowa and when we found her she was like, “Where have you guys
been?!” We had a great lesson about the purpose of this life and she
told us she wants us to keep coming, to read the scriptures, and to
get baptized 🙂 We will try to get those to happen. We’ve had a pretty
good week 🙂 Also, missionwide this week everyone spent as long as it
took to clean the whole apartment hardcore. Our apartment is super
legit now and I actually enjoy being in it. Let me tell you something
wierd. You know how after a while school and work and all the normal
things turn into daily routine stuff that isn’t exciting after the
first couple days? It’s almost a normal thing to say life changing
things hhaha. It’s so werid. Like we’ll have a bomb lesson, and
afterward it’s like…yeah, that’s what we do. Ya know? It’s awesome!
We’ve had some great lessons about the apostasy and how churches are
all wrong and stuff and the poeple totally agree! The only hard part
is getting them to undersatnad the actual importance of the Jospeh
Smith story. They don’t tend to cling onto the fact that there’s no
perfect churhc, and that we’re saying now there is one. It’s hard but
once it makes sense it brings such happiness to me, and them, and the
Lord. I love serving. I love you. And I love the opportunity I have
everyday to learn and grow. Wow this life is wonderful when we realize
what it is we’re doing here. That’s what has hit  me this week. The
purpose of this life. So many people don’t understand it. They go to
work and to school and etc and etc and odn’t understand why! Waking up
everyday has a purpose. I’m so grateful I know that purpose. This week
I will be working on my andger and frustration. Things are pretty
cheap around here with the way we’ve been getting treated by the
mission and i’ve been upset, but it do esn’t do anything! So i am
trying for now on to change and not get angry. I made it a goal that i
don’t want my children to ever see me angry when i can actually just
take care of it. Ya know?
Everything is possible with the Lord. I’ve so grateful for what i’ve
learned out here. Having to live a higher law has helped me see just
how low I was living. I apologize to any and/or all of you I have hurt
or damaged by doing stupid stuff. I love you all and I love the Lord
and his mercy. This church and Jesus Christ and you all mean
everything to me. Everything.

Elder Ragsdale

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