Oct 3 2011

Well, Conference was great! The only thing that could have made it
better would be if we had more investigators show up. Some of the
talks were straight up FOR our investigators. The one on the BOM, the
one on the Lord’s prayer(Josh’s mission pres. sweet!), the one on the name of the church, gee I could go on! D—– did not come even though she had work off. I don’t
know what happened, but she’s breaking my heart! She knows it’s
right!! Oh, i loved how they sang consider the lilies at conference.
One of my faves. The cool thing is that S—– came to conference and
he will be baptized this Saturday. We have taught him basically
everything and he remembers and lives it all! I love him he’s awesome.
Pray that he can continue to progress. D—–, well, I hope things
look up soon or she will probably give in to what the Devil says. We
also have a family of 4 set for baptism the 29th and we hope to help
them make that date. Also, F—— and J—- are super close to making
decisions that will allow them to be baptized. We have really seen a
pick up in the work. I’m so satisfied, and so tired at times haha.
Next Monday I will be sending a lot of pictures at home so in like two
weeks you will be able to see lots and lots of good pictures 🙂 I hope
all is well there. It brings me peace to know that Christ is there for
us. As someone said in conference, Christ will never fall asleep on us
(the apostles fell asleep as he suffered). I know He lives, and I know
that we are here to become more like him. The only way to do that is
through living like him, which His restored church helps us do. I love
His church, and I love having the opportunity to help bring others
into it. It’s weird to think that in two more transfers I will have
been out a whole year. I love you all and I pray you are physically
safe, but more I hope and pray that you keep yourselves spiritually
safe, as the latter is much much more valuable. Have a good week!

Elder Ragsdale

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