So this week was cool for a couple reasons. Unfortunately, noone at
church from our side of things, but 2 from north came and i’ll tell
you about them later. But this week we have met 3 new people, and we
have learned how to determine whether people are ready for the
restored gospel. After we say the first vision, we just look at them.
Don’t say a word. If they ask what Christ said then they were paying
attention and want to know. Otherwise they don’t really understand the
gravity of what happened to Joseph and we need to try again. We’ve
really seen a difference in our teaching and feel extremely happy when
we teach. The only problem is we aren’t teaching a ton. We are going
to do a lot of looking this week so hopefully we have some good news
next week. But also, yesterday at church we talked. Elder Orellana
talked about the restoration, Elder Terris about the Book of Mormon, I
talked about baptism, and Elder Jimenez talked about sharing the
gospel with friends. Very powerful. One of the investigators that
north had that i have taught before also, decided pretty much that
this has to be the church of God. Awesome! Good news! I have read all
the way from 1 nephi 1 to Mosiah…this week. It’s awesome! I LOVE the
book of mormon. Even though isaih is hard to understand. Seriously.
Doing this has changed my outlook on the BOM. SICK! I love you all and
hope you have a good week. As you put God as your top priority he will
help you out. I love this life and how God has done it all for US.

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